Identification and validation of needs

- Needs as a starting point for innovation

When working with innovation projects in the healthcare area, it is paramount to clarify early in the innovation process whether the target group can support the novel solution or not. By validating the need through different types of data, it is easier to develop the foundation for a solution that actually can be applied and create value.

A thoroughly validated foundation for the innovation project further increases the probability for the required funding and support. The validation process also clarifies if the projects should be cancelled, if it is estimated not to generate value for patients or their relatives, the hospitals or maybe the company.

Taking a point of departure in a real-life challenge, the participants on this course learn how to identify the basis of a need and how to validate a need. This means that the participants learn the foundational competencies required to manage an effective innovation project. 

The course is a part of central Denmark region’s initiative to create an organizational culture, where value creation for the citizens and the society is key. The course focuses on the Identify element from our BioMedical Design education.