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Congratulation BioMedical Design Fellows!

European BioMedical Investors’ Day

Our first year BioMedical Design Fellows attended the first investor pitch competition dedicated for teams originating from different international Biodesign programs. The event was organized by BioCat Barcelona at the heart of beautiful Barcelona. 

BioMedical Design was represented by Donika Tufa and Mikkel Preast presenting their ASAT and Handis inventions, respectively. Although it was a team from Stanford Biodesign that won the award of best case is was a great experience.

“It was my first pitch presentation ever so for me it was a great experience to try it out and to receive feedback from the participants afterwards. Further it was amazing to talk with the fellows from the other Biodesign programs and compare their experiences and achievements with my own” says Donika Tufa

Thirteen biodesign teams from Europe, Israel and California competed in giving the best pitch presentation. “I think it is interesting that cultural differences vanishes when you use the same methodological approach to innovation” Says Mikkel Præst

What does an engineer and a medical doctor get out of BioMedical Design?

Need-driven innovation creates sustainable solutions

INNO-X Healthcare catalyzes healthcare product development with a market-pull approach by making documented clinical needs and a commercial focus be the starting point for our activities.
We bring together the clinical world with the world of research, engineering, science, anthropology and business. We apply design-thinking methods to co-create radical healthcare technologies and products that solve unmet clinical needs.

We create the space for needs and great ideas to mingle and create new meaningful forms.

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News & Events

15/6-2015 What value does INNO-X Healthcare create? An external consultancy firm has evaluated the INNO-X Healthcare initiative. If interested, the full report can be downloaded here.

22/5-2015 Due to financial restructuring, the next BioMedical Design program, scheduled to commence in August 2015, is postponed until the beginning of 2016. INNO-X Healthcare will utilize this intermission to optimize and enhance the BioMedical Design program. More information about applications and the exact start-up date of the next BioMedical Design program will ensue. 

22/1-2015 We are now recruiting qualified applicants for our BioMedical Design program. Take a look at the program outline and get inspire  to learn the BioMedical Design way of health technology innovation.

BMD Fellows 2014-15 are now well into their year and have started clinical immersion at Department of Gynaecology and Obstetric at Aarhus University Hospital. 

Take a look at the two teams and read their mission statements.

02/06-14 Application process has closed and we are in the middle of selecting the eight talented fellows for BioMedical Design 2014-15. We are happy to see that once again strong candidates have applied for the program. 

28/04-14 We are still looking for qualified applicants for our BioMedical Design program. Take a look at the program outline and get inspire  to learn the BioMedical Design way of health technology innovation.

15/04-14 An information meeting about the BioMedical Design education will be held Thursday 24 April at 16:00 at Incuba Science Park Skejby. Read the invitation.

10/12-13 Our BioMedical Design fellows have made more than 300 observations with a potential for improvements of clinical workflow or treatment of patients. Of those observations, 33 are now in the shape of a “Need Statement” and in the process of national and international validation.

18/6-13 Ten talented BioMedical Design fellows have now been selected for admission to the first round of BioMedical Design education starting 19 August 2013.

Bio-X Denmark will develop and launch a radically new, innovation and entrepreneurship-training programme, BioMedical Design, to begin in August 2013.

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