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BioMedical Design is your way to become healthcare innovator and entrepreneur.

BioMedical Design if for you who like or need to:

- revitalize the company's innovation processes

- understand better the clinical setting and its stakeholders

- lead development projects in the healthcare sector or in industry

- become a medtech entrepreneur and having up-to-date skills in innovation and entrepreneurship

- like to de-risk your new venture with a need-driven approach and international outlook

BioMedical Design is the ideal take off ramp for potential medical technology entrepreneurs and innovators and it is a qualification upgrade of healthcare professionals involved in development projects.

BioMedical Design is a team-based training programme focusing on how to develop innovative medical technology products for the healthcare sector on a needs-driven basis and how to become successful entrepreneur in the medtech industry.

The training programme is run by INNO-X Healthcare which is a healthcare innovation platform formed by MedTech Innovation Center, Aarhus University, Aarhus University hospital, VIA University Colleges and private partners.

Each year INNO-X Healthcare will recruit two BioMedical Design teams of four fellows to work in a specific clinical area to uncover unmet clinical, surgical and patient caring needs. After a needs filtering process you and your  team will ideate solutions to selected needs, develop and validate prototypes and finally file patents and develop plans on how to commercialize the solutions.

Along the way, you and your team will be mentored by experienced professionals on the various aspects of new product development and business opportunities with an emphasis on specific constraints that apply to healthcare products.

Aim of programme

?The aim of BioMedical design is two-fold:

  • to develop talented people skilled in the art of need-driven healthcare innovation and business development
  • to feed Danish healthcare sector with new products and new medtech companies.


BioMedical design is a 11 months half time theoretical and applied innovation training programme in healthcare product development. See the outline of the programme here.

Course Design

The programme apply design-thinking innovation methods and it is inspired by Stanford University’s Biodesign-programme as well as the Lean LaunchPad by Steve Blank, Berkeley University. Please read the course description to learn more about BioMedical Design and to find information on how to sign up.

Specially designed brainstorming room stimulate creativity

Incuba Science Park Skejby sponsors office space and specially designed brainstorming room.
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