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PhD Study

- Enhancing innovative competences in the Danish healthcare sector

 Efficiency improvements and increased quality goals in the health care are focus areas in most parts of the Western world. An efficient health care sector is becoming a necessity due to increased human life expectancy resulting in more patients needing treatment, concurrently with a lack of manpower in the sector. The increased complexity of the system and demands on the health care providers affect medical doctors, as they are required to act and think innovatively and creatively about the future of the sector. 

Surveys completed with CEOs from both health care-, economic- and business sectors, respectively, point to creative and innovative competences as crucial skills of the 21st century. In addition, futurologists argue that creativity and social emotional intelligence are the most important individual competences of the future when it comes to innovativeness. In 2013, the Danish Health Authority published a report on the core roles of a Danish medical doctor for accommodating the needs of the future Danish health care sector. However, there is no mentioning of creative and innovative competences. 

A gap emerges between, what the doctors on the one hand are currently being educated to master and, on the other hand the future needs and demands of the sector. Such a gap could possibly hinder the development of new cutting-edge treatments and care pathways. Thus, the question remains; if doctors need creative or innovative competences to bring the healthcare sector into the future, how may these competences be enhanced and maximized? 

This study is a two-fold investigation, aiming to show:

  1. What are the needs for innovative competences of medical doctors and what is currently done to support these?
  2. How can innovative competences of medical doctors be enhanced through healthcare innovation education? 

The study is a mixed methods study where quantitative and qualitative methods are combined since it is an effective and methodical approach to generate new and applicable knowledge within the field.

INNO-X Health provides supervision of the study.