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- INNO-X Health and research

At INNO-X Health we believe that research within the field of health must have a background in real needs and focus on knowledge, products and solutions that there is an actual demand for among patients and in society.

We engage ourselves in research projects that are based on evidence and that has documented clinical needs as their starting point.

With mixed methods research as an underlying basis, we strive to that any research project that we are engaged in is applicable on a national scale while maintaining a focus on the international perspective and commercial aspects. 

 At INNO-X Health we champion interdisciplinarity in research as we believe it enhances the value and overall quality of a research project. This entails that we involve scientists, researchers, businesspeople and other stakeholders from different fields of expertise in order to achieve the best and most applicable results. We are very engaged in how competency development can contribute to researchers participating in projects where the focus of the project is the practical application.