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The 8. role of the medical doctor

- Stud. Med. election course

The future generation of doctors have to be adaptable and able to act within a field with exponentially increasing amount of knowledge and complexity, and where the pace that this new knowledge is created with makes it a challenge to implement solutions before they are obsolete. The doctors of the future will experience an increasing demand to the involvement of collaborators, patients and relatives in the different phases of their work.

From a political and managerial side, there is an increasing expectation to the doctors’ ability to improve themselves and their workplace through innovation. But how can doctors acquire the needed competencies to be creative, to develop and to be innovative while they retain their specialist role with a high professional level of diagnosing and treating patients?

Using real needs from the healthcare sector as a starting point, the student will experience a course where the tuition will be conducted as a combination of classroom activity, fieldwork and Flipped-Classroom. The student will gain an understanding of how different professions through network and interaction can be involved in the doctor’s work and contribute to the value creation on an individual, organizational and societal level. The student will learn that the specialist role of the doctor is a strength that must be maintained but that there also is a need for new competencies that enables the doctor to collaborate with other specialists. This is done by planning an innovation project based on the ideas and motivation of the student. The project is guided by the student’s fellow students, the instructors and the theory the student acquires during the course.