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At INNO X Health we are all about need-driven innovation within the health area. Our mission is to give individuals the tools and competencies they need to turn actual health-related needs into solutions that creates value. Through education and research, we strive to contribute to a healthcare sector that creates value for patients, employees and society as a whole. We wish to contribute to a healthcare industry that is more proficient in developing and commercializing products through a need-driven approach and we wish to give healthcare providers the competencies they need to integrate need-driven innovation in their daily work. 

INNO X Health is an independent unit at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University. We operate in Denmark with an international perspective. We prioritize networking and we collaborate with different institutions across Aarhus University and Central Denmark Region, with the private sector and with other university units from across the world.


INNO X Health offers a series of different courses and further educations where the participants acquire methods and competencies that enable them to develop and integrate solutions that makes a real difference. 

The foundation for the different courses is our BioMedical Design program. The purpose of our courses is to educate health-entrepreneurs so they can make a difference for patients, colleagues and collaborators by developing and integrating novel solutions, and thus contribute to developing the healthcare area as a whole.


At INNO-X Healthcare we are actively engaged in evidence-based research within the healthcare-area. We support research projects that focuses on knowledge and products that can help the individual patient and society as a whole. We emphasize interdisciplinarity and engage experts from different professional fields in order to achieve the best possible results.