At INNO-X Healthcare we actively support knowledge sharing. We believe that better opportunities and solutions arise when knowledge is shared between committed individuals across professional fields and borders. 

That is why we have established a need database, where real-life clinical needs are compiled. A clinical need is an actual, existing need or problem that healthcare providers or patients encounter in their daily routine. The needs in the database are the result of a huge amount of observations conducted on clinical wards on hospitals.

In addition to enabling knowledge sharing about clinical needs on hospitals, the database provides data accessible to everyone who is interested in working with need-driven innovation within the healthcare sector.

The database includes observation data and possible clinical effect that can be achieved if a solution for a need is composed. Additional information about clinical and economic perspectives, market opportunities and possible solution concepts can be acquired through INNO-X Healthcare.

The database is accessible to all.

If you are interested in a login for the database or further details regarding a specific need, please contact INNO-X Healthcare. 

Access the database here