- Transforming complexity of telemedicine into a manageable approach

An increasing number of elderly and patients’ demand for individualization of healthcare, requires rethinking how to utilize the unexploited potential for patients to take responsibility for their own health and treatment1. Telemedicine can be defined as delivery of healthcare over distance using information and communication technology, and holds the potential to meet these challenges2. 

In Denmark telemedicine projects are being implemented on a national scale3, and new hospitals have accounted for potential gains of telemedicine through less hospitals beds, shorter admissions and increased outpatient treatment4. Despite the expectations for telemedicine, the potential remains unexploited, and many telemedicine projects have met critique regarding lack of evidence, especially in analysis of economic gains5. 

The purpose of this study is To compare constructs of telemedicine business models with degree and experience of value creation, in order to form an interdisciplinary tool for developing telemedicine with societal value. 

The study is a mixed method study where quantitative and qualitative methods are combined since it is an effective and methodical approach to generate new and applicable knowledge within the field.

INNO-X Healthcare provides supervision of the study.