Medical Innovation Day

- Challenge track

Medical Innovation Day is an event for students Aarhus University to take on a new and challenging way of working with innovation. On the Challenge track of Medical Innovation day, planned and executed by INNO-Healthcare, students work together in teams to develop conceptual solutions to real life challenges proposed by companies and patient organisations.

On this page, you can find information about the challenge track as well as the different challenges proposed by the participating organisations.

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Challenge track

On the challenge track the participants work with a real-life problem proposed by different companies.

The Challenge track kicks off before the actual Medical Innovation Day with a pre-event on Thursday 6th of September from 15:00-17:00 at Aarhus University, where INNO-X introduces the challenge participants to a selection of useful innovation tools and the cases will be divided between the teams. During the time between the pre-event 6 September and the MID 6 October, the participant has the possibility to develop a deeper understanding of the different cases and the different opportunities connected to each case.

The participants are supposed to work in teams consisting of 3-5 persons, preferably with supplementary skills. It is the participants own responsibility to establish these teams.

During the Medical Innovation day, the teams work on designing solution proposal and prepare pitches ending with 5 minute pitches for rest of the participating teams and a panel consisting of representatives from the participating organisations.