- Courses and educations by INNO-X Healthcare

INNO-X Healthcare offers a series of different courses and further educations where the participants acquire methods and competencies that enables them to develop and integrate solutions that makes a real difference for patients, colleagues and collaborators and thus contribute to developing the healthcare area as a whole.

There is a focus on interdisciplinarity and on how an individual can perform at a high level in a team on our courses. This entails that knowledge and best-practice from different disciplines and fields is taught across the courses. 

Currently we offer a series of courses in collaboration with central Denmark region and Aarhus University. Furthermore, we offer customized courses that is tailored to your needs.

INNO-X Healthcare

At INNO-X Healthcare we offer courses and further educations focusing on need-driven innovation. We strive to enhance the participants’ ability to integrate innovation as a natural part of their work. We give them the competencies needed to create and develop innovative and novel solutions to identified and validated needs in the healthcare area


Central Denmark Region

In collaboration with central Denmark region, INNO-X Healthcare offers a series of courses that focus on innovative improvements. Innovative improvements can mean new ways to work, the development of new products or new ways to apply existing products. 

On the courses, the participants learn how to create innovative improvements based on the identification and validation of needs that patients, citizens and colleagues in the region encounter on a daily basis. 

Aarhus University

In collaboration with Aarhus University, INNO-X Healthcare offers an elective course to the students of medical science and a course for Ph.D. students.